Jackson Zen 2015



Jackson Zen 2015

Jackson Zen 2015 

The Zen is a great little boat, really stable and forgiving for beginners while it is fast and precise for those of you who want to really play your way down the river. The deck shape and the rocker mean it is really easy to boof and it surfaces really fast if you do manage to sink the bow. The secondary stability is super high which give you the confidence to really start edging the boat around and maybe try a cheeky little lean over some drops! The boat is forgiving enough to inspire confidence in those just starting out while still giving you that feedback so you can progress really fast

Nice comfy and fast to adjust Jackson outfitting, with no holes in the boat (other than the cockpit) help keep it super dry and with a Go Pro mount pre-fitted you can start showing off to your friends

 I would be happy taking down bigger grade 4-5 rivers and still happy on those teaching days on grade 2-3


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What happens when you morph the best of the Karma creek boat with the Best of the original Zen river runner?   You get an amazing river running and creeking kayak in the 2015 Zen.   This boat runs dry with ample bow rocker, rolls like a dream with flared sidewalls and the other special JK ingredients that make up a great rolling boat.  It has a super fast hull that seems to float over the water and be impervious to boils, and other currents that try to take you off line, while sits nice and stable on the water making it a teacher’s dream boat for students learning to paddle.

The new Zen is for you if you:

1. Are a beginner and want to learn to roll, river run, and have a fast/stable boat.

2. Want to win creek boat races.

3. Want a super fun river runner that both goes downriver

Please note colours may vary. Please call for availability.  

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