P & H Scorpio Corelite X

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P & H Scorpio Corelite X

CoreLite X construction brings the Scorpio MKII’s performance even closer to that of its composite brother, the Cetus; you’ll notice the reduced weight and greater stiffness straight away, but you’ll really come to appreciate it when you’re committed to an expedition and every last bit of energy counts.

A further increase in durability also means that individuals can explore rocky coastlines and shallow bays with absolute confidence, professional users will enjoy a reliable and responsive working platform with an impressive lifespan, and centres can give their clients something that’s exciting and encourages progression without excessive fleet replacement or maintenance costs.

The Scorpio shares the same progressive hull profile as the Cetus, transitioning seamlessly from a slender bow to a highly stable, slight ‘V’ body with rounded chines, giving a smooth ride and effortless control in all conditions; generous bow rocker means that the Scorpio MKII also runs with the waves like no other polyethylene sea kayak out there.

Building on the legacy of the original Scorpio, the Scorpio MKII has retained the same essence that makes it the sea kayak trusted most by paddlers across the globe, with just minor tweaks to the hull profile for improved stability in waves and when kayak sailing, and a deck redesigned around the requirements of modern sea kayaking.

The back deck volume has been reduced and the cockpit rim profile lowered to provide easy rolling and smooth re-entry, and the bow deck profile has been tweaked slightly to provide more comfortable connectivity around the knees and allow a sail to lay flat against the boat when not in use. Drainage has also been improved around the hatch covers, and the hatch rims themselves angled slightly to improve access, particularly when loading longer items such as tents.

With a whole plethora of other additions such as recesses for secure split paddle storage, the revolutionary Skudder system and moulded-in inserts to take a kayak sail mast foot, no other polyethylene sea kayak on the market is as fully featured and ready for adventure as this.


Length:508cm Width:53cm Internal Cockpit Length:76.5cm Internal Cockpit Width:38.5cm


Total Volume:271l Front Hatch:49l Day Hatch:21l Rear Hatch:51l Mini Hatch:4l WEIGHT CoreLite X Weight: 26kg


Length:525cm Width:58cm Internal Cockpit Length:80cm Internal Cockpit Width:43cm


Total Volume:317l Front Hatch:58l Day Hatch:29l Rear Hatch:60l Mini Hatch:4l WEIGHT CoreLite X Weight: 26.5kg


Length:535cm Width:61cm Internal Cockpit Length:80.5cm Internal Cockpit Width:43cm


Total Volume:344l Front Hatch:60l Day Hatch:32l Rear Hatch:64l Mini Hatch:4l WEIGHT CoreLite X Weight: 29.5kg

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