Silverbirch Firefly 14 Duralite

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Silverbirch Firefly 14 Duralite

When we set out to design the Firefly we had a very clear brief in mind - to design the most versatile solo canoe we could.

A canoe that would be at home in a wide-variety of conditions and with a wide variety of loads. A canoe that would paddle well on open stretches of flat water, but would also be at home on moderate moving water. A canoe that paddles well with a light payload, but is also more than capable of extended tripping.

And crucially - a solo canoe that is light enough to carry solo........

With weights as light as 25.5kg we are confident we have the last point covered, as for everything else..... an extended prototyping process has left us with a balanced and graceful canoe and thanks to its carefully considered sidewall profile one that takes a wide variety of payloads and water conditions in it's stride!

The Firefly is truly a beautiful boat to paddle and has already become a real staff favourite here at Silverbirch.

"Paddled the prototype on moving water, but we were only able to source flat water last night, but the production canoe is very similar.
SB made minor adjustments between the models, mainly to the stabilities. Initial and secondary both very good.
Initial is stable for a narrow hulled canoe. Easy to gunwale bob.
Secondary takes some knee pressure to keep on full edge; like a lifeboat, wants to upright its self.
Tracks beautifully with easy and speed. The slight wind last night did not effect the FF, but we noticed the wind while in the Pocket Canyon.
Compared to my Wenonah, Pivot turns took some effort, fighting that lifeboat effect.
2.5'' rocker and the secondary stability eases those eddy turns.
A strong Tumblehome kept the FF drier than the Wenonah, even with a low freeboard.
The strong Tumblehome could cause a few finger crushing moments, while applying power strokes.
Tumblehome kept plenty of water in the canoe after an emptying curl or two.
Very easy to pick up, thou solo has no carrying yoke. Weight from 26kg, depends on material, gunwales and outfitting.

Would I buy one, yep, if I did not already own a Wenorah P15 and a Pocket Canyon. The Firefly fits in between these two canoes and certainly has its place as a solo craft. Not paddled a tandem set up, but we think it would be a little tippy.
Paul has one waiting for him.

Is the Firefly worth the money-- YES"

Review by Paul Rainbow

Silverbirch Dimentions:

Length: 14'3" / 4630mm

Width at Gunwale: 29.5" / 749mm

Max Width: 32.5" / 810mm

Rocker Bow & Stern: 2.5" / 62mm

Depth Bow & Stern: 19.5" / 490mm

Depth Middle: 12" / 300mm

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