Silverbirch Rebel 11 Durlite



Silverbirch Rebel 11 Durlite

The Rebel is silverbirch's take on a modern 11ft whitewater canoes. This can be just a capable on big volume grade 4 as ot os on shallow braided streams and Flat sections.

The Rebel has been designed to excel with a wide variety of loads - making it ideal for use on longer trips where you may not only have significant gear to take, but a continually lightening load as the trip goes on.

We've worked hard to optimise the secondary stability - this was important feedback from the early prototypes, not in terms of literal stability but in terms of the transition from primary to secondary, and how clearly defined the rail feels as a consequence. The production Rebel 11 not only 'sits' naturally on the rail, but has massively boosted secondary stability making it an easy to paddle and confidence inspiring canoe.

Construction Type

Duralite is an impact resistant three layer foam cored laminate making it ideal for use on bigger volume whitewater, or for paddlers who wish to prioritise the weight and stiffness of their boat over its rock bashing ability.

The outer skin is made with an incredibly stiff and tough whitewater grade plastic – the best we can find! The foam has been optimised to have a low density and to work with the inner and outer layers providing durability. To make the most of the superior materials we have optimised the distribution between the layers giving a balanced finish.

Duralite is a fantastic material and performs well where you might traditionally use boats made of materials such as Royalex and being made of linear polyethylene it is easier to repair than these should you puncture it.


Length - 3480 mm / 11'4"

Width - 686 mm / 27"

Depth - 440 mm / 17.25"

Ash gunwales - 24.5kg

The Rebel 11 comes with a ready to outfitting- for more information on this please go to Silverbirch's website below:

Due to issues surrounding Covid and Brexit please contact us at the shop for availability and lead times on boats.

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