Valley Gemini ST



Valley Gemini ST

At 37.5lbs (17kg) the first thing you'll notice about the ST is how light and easy it is to handle. Whether carrying the kayak on your shoulder or loading it on your car, it takes the chore out of getting to the water. On the water it handles like a longer kayak; moderately rockered, good stability, long waterline and a fine bow ensure the ST tracks well and gives it a touring speed better than many longer kayaks.

* Weight quoted is for a standard kayak with no optional extras, weight excludes hatch covers and given the nature of hand made products is only accurate to + or - 1kg (2.2lbs)

The Twins, Which One is Yours!

Conventional wisdom previously dictated that proper sea kayaks needed to be a minimum of 16ft long. Short boats used to be considered too slow or too difficult to paddle in challenging conditions. For Valley the decision to develop a proper sub-16ft kayak was further complicated by the spectrum of reasons a paddler might seek-out a shorter model.

On the one hand you have those seeking something that handles like a longer boat; i.e. that prioritises tracking and speed but who might be hoping that a shorter kayak will be significantly lighter and easier to manage off the water. At the other extreme you have those willing to sacrifice some speed and tracking if it makes the kayak more fun in surf-zones, tideraces and rock-hopping; basically when 'playing the sea', a descriptive phrase that probably says it all! Unfortunately, focus on one and you invariably compromise the other, there is no perfect all-rounder! Valley's response: 'Project Gemini', the twins! Imagine starting with a strong foundation by creating a base core DNA, a mid-point design that could then be tuned in one direction to create the perfect touring model and in the other to create a play version. Couple this unique design approach with cutting-edge infused composite constructions and you suddenly have the most exciting development to hit sea-kayaking in recent years.

Of course you can still play in the touring version and tour in the play one because they share the same core DNA. So yes, there is plenty of overlap, but the further you get to the ends of that use-spectrum, the more you'll benefit from the 'specialist' and the more you'll enjoy your paddling in the 'right' kayak.



Length: 14' 10?(452cm)
Width: 22? (56cm)
Depth: 12.75"(32.5cm)
Weight: 37.5lbs (17kg)

Load Suitability: 100-190lbs/ 45-86kg

* Weights stated are approximations for our standard Diolen construction, excluding hatch covers.

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