Whetman Contact Line


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Whetman Contact Line

Short contact line for quick close contact rescue of one sea kayak by another sea kayak.

Quick release cam buckle with toggle.
Adjustable length.
Port & Starboard colour coded webbing.
Two snag free karabiners.

The primary application is a very short quick "contact" towline from a deck line of the rescuer to the bow or deckline of the casualty boat, putting the bow adjacent to the cockpit area of the rescuer.

A diagonal contact across the deck pulls the casualty boat into the side & also offers the quick release to be viewed on the front deck. To activate the quick release pull the toggle or pull the yellow webbing tail to release the cam buckle. With a slight applied tension the yellow webbing will then slide through & disconnect the system.

Second application is to enable a stablised raft up by crossing the Contact Line over two boats and connecting to the outer deck lines of each boat, then adjusting it to be tight so as to prevent any chance of capsize

The contact line can be stowed on the foredeck and two rubber rings used to bind the webbing folded neatly. To use grab one end and pull to release the folds and it will be ready to deploy.

Before stowing the line pre-set the yellow length to give an overall contact line length which achieves the desired position of the casualty boat next to your boat. Leave at least 25mm of tail out of the buckle.

For the Sea Kayak Contact Line to have the correct effective strength the cam buckle must be backed up by the D ring. Failure to thread the yellow webbing through the D ring may result in the webbing sliding through the buckle under load. Flat side of the D ring flush with the edge of the buckle

Karabiner Maintenance
Sea salt crystals can form & block up the karabiners springs and so we highly recommend rinse in hot water after use & spray with silicone spray.

Images show a Sea Contact Line with Argon karabiners.

Small Mini D karabiners & stainless karabiners are available.

An original Whetman Equipment product.

Made in the UK.

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