Buoyancy aids are an essential piece of kit for kayaking and canoeing, amongst other water based sports. Buoyancy aids (BA’s) or personal flotation devices (PFD’s) as they’re otherwise known are different to life jackets. BA’s/PFD’s are designed to help keep a person afloat when worn and used correctly. 

Life jackets are designed to keep a person’s head above water if knocked unconscious. Lifejackets are often recognised by their distinctive collar which supports the neck. Kent Canoes sells lifejackets for infants, toddlers and children and we can advise on fittings. 

Ba’s/PFD’s are more commonly used in kayaking and canoeing as they allow a larger range of movement for paddling and tend to be less bulky than lifejackets.

Kent Canoes stocks a wide range of BA’s for general purpose, club and centre use, sea kayaking, touring, open canoeing, whitewater and playboating. We have unisex and female specific models for the best fit and comfort. We also have junior sizes for those children who can swim. 

Our stock contains models from Nookie, Palm, Peak UK, Astral, Yak and Delta.

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