Boat Repairs, Outfitting and Upgrades

Hit a rock and put a hole in your boat that needs welding? Brought a boat with basic outfitting and want to upgrade it for extra comfort without having to buy a whole new boat?

Let Kent Canoes help!

We have fully trained staff that can help with boat repairs, outfitting and upgrades in store by prior arrangement.

Services we offer:

  • Welding of cracks in plastic boats - we can repair kayak splits whilst you wait
  • Upgrade basic outfitting to something a little nicer*
  • Repairing dents
  • Fitting ratchet backrests*
  • General outfitting of kayaks
  • Installation of Buoyancy Blocks or bags in Open Canoes
  • Skeg fitting*
  • Rudder fitting*

Our staff will also help set up your new kayak (seat adjustments, foot block trimming and installation etc) before you leave the store if you require it. This is available on all kayaks purchased from us free of charge! Therefore, you can be ready to get on the water instantly (with all the right gear of course!).

For more information, booking and cost of services please contact us in store.

*dependant of boat as not all are compatible


Therefore, for kayak splits, boat splits, plastic welding, canoe repair, kayak repair, dent removal, upgrades and outfitting give us a ring today for a quote!

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